5 Days Open Challenge – Remove BLACK SPOTS , DARK SPOTS & ACNE SCARS On Face

This is a 100% proven remedy that can remove all dark spots and acne scars from your face. The best part of this remedy is that it is very effective and very easy to prepare with all ingredients easily available at your kitchen.

This face mask not only removes black spots, dark spots & acne scars, it also leaves an amazing glow on your skin, brightens your skin removes pigmentation and blemishes.

Ingredients needed:

-Potato – 1 no.s
-Lemon – half slice

Directions :

-Peel off the skin from the potato
-Cut it into small pieces and put them into a blender jar
-Blend it well
-Now with the help of a strainer, strain the potato juice into a clean bowl
-Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon into the bowl
-Mix it well
-With the help of a cotton ball, apply this face mask all over your face and especially the affected areas
-Leave it on for about 10 minutes to let it dry
-Wash it off with water

For best results do this twice a day for a week

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