Amazing Results Of Drinking Water On A Empty Stomach

Almost everyone has been on a diet these days. One of the things your nutritionist advice you is to drink water as soon as you wake up because it helps stimulate your body and prepare it for the new day. However, this is not the only benefit.

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in the treatment of many diseases, such as epilepsy, headache, body aches, accelerated heartbeat, asthma, vomiting, gastritis, meningitis, all eye diseases, kidney disease and urinary tract, diabetes, and many more.


In the morning, before you do anything else, you need to drink 640 ml of water (4 glasses). After that, you can brush your teeth, but afterwards, you can`t eat or drink for 45 minutes. When those 45 minutes will expire you can proceed with your normal daily routine. In addition to this, after every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) you shouldn`t eat or drink anything for two hours.

For those who are unable to drink 4 glasses of water each morning, we advise you to start with a suitable amount that works for you, and then gradually increase the amount until you reach the recommended 640ml.

Besides the preventions of many diseases, you will also enjoy one of the most known benefits of the water, and that is extra energy.

Here is a timetable for this treatment of a few diseases:

High blood pressure – 30 days
Gastritis – 10 days
Diabetes – 30 days
Constipation – 10 days
TB – 90 days
Nevertheless, the perfect usage of this treatment would be a lifelong one. For instance, the Japanese and many other nations consider this method is a way of life.

Note: Individuals who suffer from arthritis should start with the method three days in the first week, in the second week they should take a break, but afterward they can proceed with the usual timetable of the treatment.

One side effect is that you will often go to the bathroom. So we recommend you to drink water as “prescribed” and stay active.

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