The Million-Dollar Question – Which Banana is the BEST for Your Health?


As one of the healthiest snacks around, bananas pack in the potassium, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and other nutrients. But did you know a banana’s peel could reveal benefits depending on its color? From green to the spotty, firm to soft, as the banana’s skin changes, so does its inner content.

When a banana changes color not only is the flavor changing but also its nutritional value. Green, for instance, is packed with starch, as enzymes have yet to break it down into simple sugars. Eating a banana at this stage is good for diabetics and contains bacteria that promotes colon health.



The much sweeter variety, yellow bananas, have had their starch broken down into simple sugars making them a quick source of energy. As far as health benefits go, yellow bananas contain antioxidants and anti-cancer properties not available in their green counterparts.

Last but not least comes bananas with dark spots or brown patches. These have been shown to contain Tumor Necrosis which help fight malignant cells in the body. The darker the spots on a banana the better it is at fighting these cells, boosting your immune system.

No matter when you choose to eat your banana you should know its a great and healthy choice. One thing to keep in mind though is that as a banana ripens, the micronutrients contained therein reduce or get lost. So maybe don’t wait too long!

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