Get Long and Strong Hair in one Month with One Herb (RECIPES)!

Long and luxurious locks are a dream of every woman. Not only does a head full of shiny hair adds to one’s attractiveness but also improves the overall health of the body. Hair fall and unhealthy hair are two of the most common problems associated with people, but here we have effective natural remedies using a Curry Leaves.

Curry leaves constitute a combination of essential nutrients required for the growth of hair. They are rich in antioxidants and amino acids which are capable of reducing hair fall and stimulate hair growth. They help in preventing the hair strands from thinning by means of strengthening hair follicles. Curry leaves are also a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. Beta carotene limits hair loss while the presence of proteins prevents hair thinning.

Curry leaves can be used as a great stimulant for hair growth either through topical application or through your diet. As you might know, they have a great source of effective nutrients, let us see what are the major ingredients present in curry leaves.
Prevents Premature Greying:

Combine curry leaves along with hair oil and apply them onto your scalp. For this purpose heat pure or virgin oil and put one handful of fresh curry leaves. The best way is to use the plant at home. It is important to keep this curry leaves washed and in a completely dried form so as to soak in oil. Once they are mixed the oil will turn into a green color. They work wonderfully well in conditioning and nourishing the hair.

Stimulates Hair Growth:

Take a handful of curry leaves and mix them with yogurt to make a paste and use it as a hair mask. Apply them on your hair and wait for 20 minutes. Once it is done, wash them off with water (preferably warm) and shampoo. Use this mask regularly so as to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote the growth of new hair.

Repairs damaged roots:

The roots of our hair may get damaged due to various reasons like chemical treatments, pollution, etc. Due to the abundance of essential nutrients, curry leaves can effectively repair damaged roots. The best method is to apply them directly onto the scalp. So it is evident that curry leaves can act as first aid for your damaged hair. Once the roots of your hair get stronger, hair growth will speed up automatically.

Reduces Hair Fall:

Mix 2-3 curry leaves with a few drops of milk. Apply this paste onto your hair and wait for half an hour. After that wash it off and clean your hair as usual. This process, if followed regularly, will prevent hair fall to a great extent.

Rejuvenation of Hair Follicles:

Hair follicle plays a major role in maintaining the health of hair. If the proper amount of nutrients are not provided to these follicles, it can lead to various kind of hair damages. In curry leaves, we have an excellent source of nutrients which can effectively strengthen your hair follicles in no time.

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