After You Read This You Will Never Throw Away Your Used Tea Bags Again!

Everybody is throwing away the tea bags after they are already used, I mean why would you keep them around? But after you read this article you will find out that the used tea bags have many useful purposes around the house!

Freshen up your shoes and your clothes.

If you store the tea bags in your wardrobe after you use them, your clothes will get a nice fresh smell. Also, it’s a good idea to add them into your shoes as well.

Clean your house

Used tea bags can be very useful when it comes to cleaning your home. Tea can clean dirty mirrors, floors and even linoleum!

Marinate meat

In order to prevent the meat from getting hard and resilient, used tea bags can be used to marinate it. The aroma from the tea will improve the meat’s taste and it will make it tender.

Mitigate pain

If you have some open wounds in your mouth, you can bite on an already used tea bag and the tea’s compounds will relieve the pain.

Get rid of the redness in your eyes.

Put a couple of tea bags in cold water and let them soak for a couple of minutes. Place them on your eyelids. Let them stay like that for a few minutes. Remove them after a few minutes and the redness will be gone.

Feed your garden

Sprinkle new or used tea leaves (loose or in tea bags) around your rosebushes and cover with mulch to give them a midsummer boost. When you water the plants, the nutrients from the tea will be released into the soil, spurring growth. Roses love the tannic acid that occurs naturally in tea.

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